This is not a blog

No, I’m not going to come here every day and tell you what I had for breakfast and how cute my pets are (*). But I thought it’s time for this web site to have a new look. Don’t worry, if you’re filled with nostalgia for twentieth century web design, I’ve kept the old site online.

Most importantly, the chocolate cake recipe is still there for you. And my paper on orchestral reductions for piano accompanists is still getting a few hits per year. I’ve moved the programmable software metronome to Github.

The mp3s on this site mostly ended up on Chinese ringtone sites, as did the ones on Pianosociety (sorry, there’s no way to link directly to a list of my stuff there). I don’t know how many humans actually heard them. So now I’m putting recordings on my YouTube channel instead. Later, I might have a bit to say about how those recordings and animations were created.

Do please click the “comment” button and say hi. The more people add comments, the more likely I am to update this site every year.

(*) I don’t have any pets. I do eat breakfast every day, but it’s usually not that exciting.