Upcoming concerts: Sorabji and Brahms

Apologies for being so quiet over the last few months. I’ve been moving house, which took a lot more time and energy than I expected. But music is starting to happen again…

In brief:

  • Saturday 16th September, 2:30pm: Sorabji and song
  • Thursday 5th October, 1pm: Brahms violin sonata

Both in North Adelaide. And eventually I’ll put more stuff on the YouTube channel.

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Concert Saturday 22nd October

I’ve got a concert coming up soon! I’m excited to be giving the world premiere performance of John Polglase’s Five Pieces. I’m also throwing in Bach’s second partita. Details at https://recitalsaustralia.org.au/programs/22-october-2022-alexander-hanysz-piano/ Note the unusual time of day: it’s a morning tea concert. If you can’t get there in person, there will also be a live video stream: check the Recitals Australia home page a few minutes before the start time. Or catch the recording afterwards on their Vimeo channel.

Hope to see some of you there! Bookings essential: get your ticket at https://recitalsaustralia.org.au/artfuel/tickets/130/sale

Upcoming concerts: April 28th, May 12th, Beethoven Spring sonata

Concert 1: Wednesday 28th April, 12:30pm at North Adelaide Baptist Church

Concert 2: Wednesday 12th May, 4pm at Flinders University

Surprise concert 7th October

Flinders University are having live concerts again! I’ve just been asked at very short notice to join the party. If you’re in the neighbourhood, book your ticket now, and come and listen to some piano music. If you’re far away, watch the live stream instead, or catch up later on Flinders’s YouTube channel. (Edited 30th September: sorry, they are unable to record this one. I’ll post a YouTube version later in the year.)

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