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Here are some web sites which you may find interesting and/or entertaining. If you know of anything else which should be listed here, please tell me about it.

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Information about composers

Here are some sites with links to lots of articles:

Classical Net: has a good page of links to sites about many composers, as well as reviews of CDs and books
Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers
Australian Music Centre

Some good sites about individual composers (mostly living):

John Adams (U.S.A.)
Ross Edwards (Sydney)
Matthew Hindson (Sydney)
Lowell Liebermann (U.S.A.)
Harry Partch
Schubert (by Bart Berman)
Joseph Schwantner (U.S.A.)
Stockhausen (Germany)
Derek Strahan (Australia)
Carl Vine (Sydney)

Concerts in Adelaide

Recitals Australia
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
State Opera of South Australia
Australian String Quartet
Adelaide Philharmonia Chorus
Selby and Friends
Musica Viva
Elder Conservatorium of Music (Adelaide University)

Classical midi files and recordings on the web

Warning: MIDI files can sound very different depending on what sound card or synthesiser you have; also, many of these files are computer-generated and very unmusical! MIDI is a good way to get a rough impression of what a piece is like, but if you download a MIDI of a piano piece and then learn to play the piece yourself, you should expect your version to sound much better.

Some of the mp3s on these sites are rather good...

Classical Archives: lots of mp3s and MIDI files
Piano Society: mp3s, videos, composer biographies and some interesting forum discussions
Classical Piano Midi Page
Dave's MIDI Warehouse: a mixture of classical and jazz selections
Classical music midi page
Elena Kuschnerova: concert pianist: large collection of mp3s and mp4s
"Dave's J.S. Bach Page": lots of MIDI files
The Internet Piano Page: lots of MIDIs

Miscellaneous musical stuff

IMSLP: free sheet music online
Everything Classical Music: links to sites about music history, composers, and much more
Pianoworld forums: discussion of all aspects of pianos and piano playing
Andras Schiff's lectures on Beethoven's piano sonatas
Alexander Technique for musicians
Fundamentals of Piano Practice: a controversial but though-provoking book by Chuan C. Chang
Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier: recordings by David Korevaar accompanied by animations and analysis
Arts SA home page
The Tuning Page: lots of links about different systems of intonation
Musicians' Union of Australia

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